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Struggling to find find your dream relationship?

Maybe they taught you wrong

If you’re tired of looking for the perfect partner for a relationship, or your current relationship feels like a constant confrontation…

It might be time to consider whether you are approaching the problem from the wrong perspective.

And that doesn’t have to be your fault, as we’ve been taught from a young age to seek a secure partner..

But why not take a look at ourselves? There are numerous, often complex reasons why we react the way we do to emotional challenges.

Many of these reasons are deep-rooted, some so much so that we can’t even recall their origins.

Did you know that the way our parents interact with us has proven repercussions on how we manage relationships in adulthood?

This concept is known as ‘Attachment Styles’, and each of us develops a style based on our childhood experiences.

This greatly impacts our relationships, and we’ll explore the different attachment styles shortly.


Insecure attachment styles can leave you feeling overwhelmed and misunderstood in your relationships. Do you often worry about being abandoned or find it challenging to trust your partner?

Our team of experts is here to help you understand these patterns and provide practical solutions for overcoming them.

There are four basic attachment styles: one secure and three types of insecure attachment, including anxious-preoccupied, avoidant (dismissive), and disorganized (fearful-avoidant).

1.Secure: Comfortable with intimacy, trust, and independence.

2.Anxious-Preoccupied: Seek constant reassurance and fear abandonment. Often seen as needy or clingy.

3.Avoidant (Dismissive): Value independence, struggle with emotional closeness and vulnerability.

4.Disorganized (Fearful-Avoidant): Conflicted and unpredictable in relationships, often stemming from a chaotic or traumatic childhood. Whatever your attachment style, you can heal. You can be secure. You can have healthy, fulfilling relationships.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these insecure attachment styles? Identifying this could be key to understanding the root cause of your relationship challenges.

Moreover, acknowledging this could also lead you to the solution you’ve been seeking. We invite you to explore our services to find the one that best resonates with your current situation.



Relationship Coaching

Trouble communicating or resolving conflicts? Our Relationship Coaching enhances your connections. We’ll help you improve understanding and build stronger bonds in your relationships, turning them into sources of joy and growth.


Dealing with emotional struggles? Our Counseling service offers a safe space to sort through your feelings. Our compassionate approach helps you overcome internal conflicts, leading to emotional balance and resilience.

Life Coaching

Feel lost or stuck? Our Life Coaching helps you find your purpose and set meaningful goals. With our guidance, you’ll discover your passions and start every day with clear direction, moving towards a fulfilling life filled with personal achievements.

Life Counselling

Overwhelmed by life’s challenges? Our Life Counseling provides guidance through the complexities. We offer strategies for tackling life’s obstacles confidently, helping you make decisions that lead to a fulfilling and hopeful future.


Are you ready to heal your attachment style ?
Our qualified and experienced coaches have each had a unique and transformative journey that led them to where they are today.
Daniel Robertson
Daniel Robertson is an attorney turned relationship coach. He is experienced in helping couples resolve conflict and working with individuals to heal their attachment style and build their self-confidence and self-love.
Cat Roebuck
Cat is an experienced, certified relationship coach with experience helping couples and individuals to navigate relationship challenges and heal their insecure attachment styles. She has unique experience helping neurodiverse clients, including autistic clients and clients with ADHD.
Robi Jo Alberti
Robi is a single mother of five children, a teacher, a faithful Christian, and a certified coach with experience helping individuals grow their self-confidence and self-love.
Amanda Watkins (Robb)
Amanda is a qualified social worker and counsellor with 27 years experience working in counselling/specialist mental health services and education and training. She has a bachelor of social work and a masters qualification in counselling. She self diagnosed as Dismissive Avoidant a few years ago and went on her own intensive healing journey. This lead her to find ways to release trauma from her childhood and heal from her fears around closeness. She is interested in therapeutic modalities around healing the inner child, understanding self sabotage, emotional regulation, cognitive behavioural therapy and releasing trapped trauma from your body. She lives in Christchurch New Zealand and has two grown up children and is keen to work with anyone around issues of attachment, recovering from childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, breakups, recovering from trauma bonds, parenting etc.
Randy Kakumei
Randy is a husband and father with over seven years of experience helping married and single men and women heal their attachment styles.
Richard Davies
Richard is an expert emotional mentor with over ten years of experience helping men and women heal from deep emotional trauma


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